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Après Un Rêve

Swedish team of Christian Svarfvar and Roland Pöntinen have put together a recital framed by Fauré' and Ravel sonata.

French delicacies and masterpieces for violin and piano.

"Intoxicating atmosphere, delicious rubato and lovely recorded sound. "

BBC Music Magazine

 Gabriel Fauré: Sonata No. 1 in A major for violin and piano, Op. 13  

1. Allegro molto 

2. Andante 

3. Allegro vivo 

4. Allego quasi presto  

Gabriel Fauré  

6. Après un Rêve, Op. 7 No. 1 

7. Morceau de Lecture in A major  

Claude Debussy  

8. Minstrels (Préludes: Premier livre, L. 125/12 - Modéré (Nerveux et avec humour)) 

9. Beau Soir, L. 84   

Maurice Ravel  

10. Pièce en forme de Habanera 

11. Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Fauré    

Sonata in G major for violin and piano  

11. Allegretto 12. Blues. Moderato 

13. Perpetuum mobile. Allegro

Listen here: Spotify

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