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Teaching Violin

My educational foundation was established at an early stage under the expert guidance of my father, Sven-Ole Svarfvar, a distinguished violinist and teacher. Inspired by his own education, which he received at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles in Brussels under the legendary André Gertler, I embarked on a journey of musical development.


Furthering my studies, I pursued education at both the Stockholm Royal College of Music and the prestigious Juilliard School. During this time, I had the privilege of studying under the esteemed mentorship of renowned teachers such as Henryk Kowalski, Zakhar Bron, and Robert Mann.

With their invaluable guidance and expertise, my musical education reached new heights, shaping me into the artist I am today.


As my musical journey progressed, I found deep inspiration in the exceptional artistry of esteemed violinists (and conductors) Julian Rachlin and Nikolaj Znaider. Their influence has been transformative, significantly augmenting my understanding of and experimentation with the intricacies of technique. From refining my bow hold and bow angle to delving into the domain of articulation and beyond, their guidance has played a pivotal role in honing my skills and expanding my musical horizons.





The art of teaching has been a source of immense satisfaction for me. It's not just about the joy it brings – though that's certainly a bonus – there are deeper reasons that underscore its importance.


Teaching acts as a gateway for those aspiring to follow in your footsteps. Sharing knowledge opens doors, paving the way for others to venture into the domains you've explored.


On a personal level, teaching is a transformative journey. It unveils the nuances of your own creative process, allowing you to craft a replicable recipe for success. 


When I started to teach more than 15 years ago, the quest for knowledge from eager and hungry pupils forced me to reflect on my own understanding. It was then that I realized the depth of what I knew, and the joy of guiding others through breakthrough moments was truly remarkable. And still is.


The continuous cycle of questions from students forced me to either expand my knowledge or refine my articulation of existing wisdom. Teaching, therefore, becomes a stimulus for self-discovery and an invaluable tool for documenting one's expertise.


The act of teaching is a mutual learning experience – as you impart knowledge, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your processes. It's a journey that not only enriches others but solidifies your standing as an expert in your field.


In essence, teaching opens doors for anyone who wants to do what you do. It's also great for yourself. It helps you understand how you create things, so you can make your own step-by-step guide. This way, you have a way to do things again and again, and predict good results each time.

If you want to achieve your musical goals, whether it's gaining profound musical insights, honing your left or right-hand technique, or developing a personalized and beautiful vibrato, feel free to get in touch.

I am offering personalized 1:1 coaching tailored to your needs, available both digitally and in person.

My advice comes from actual experience. That, combined with being taught by several of the world's leading teachers and violinists, gives me a unique perspective. I know what it takes to overcome barriers and succeed in one of the most competitive disciplines in the world.


Start your journey towards becoming a more accomplished violinist and musician.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Christian Svarfvar

Concert violinist and Senior Lecturer in Music Performance



Refine your violin skills with personalized online lessons. Elevate your playing through smart practice tips. The key to progress is practicing smarter.

Online Lessons

Christian Svarfvar

One masterclass, two decades of teaching, and wisdom.

Series will be presented soon. Stay tuned!

Masterclass series $299

Christian Svarfvar

A personalized learning experience that promotes accelerated progress, builds a strong foundation, and develops a deep understanding of the artistry behind every note.

In-person lessons

Christian Svarfvar



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Learn To Master Your Ricochet

Here, I'll offer insightful tips on practicing ricochet, guiding you from start to finish.

Here I will show you trips and tricks on how to practicing spiccato from slow to fast - beginning to end.

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Learn To Master Your Vibrato

Here, I'll show you my 3 best exercises for getting a beautiful and reliable vibrato.

Learn To Master Your Chords

Here, I'll give you great tips on how to execute chords and important practices to think of in order to get a full, round and clean chord-technique.

Christian Svarfvar


Christian Svarfvar
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