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RUSK International Festival

24 nov. 2024

In November 2023, Ruskfestivalen will mark its 10th anniversary. Christian will be performing music by renowned composers such as Philip Glass, Lera Auerbach, and Petri Vasks.

Bogotá Philharmonic

On May 3rd and 4th Christian performed together with the Bogotá Philharmonic in León de Greiff concert hall. Conductor Joachim Gustafsson.

Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

28 feb. 2023

On September 12, Christian performed alongside the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in live TV-broadcast (SVT) The concert was honored with the attendance of the Swedish Royal Family.

Music In The Garden

28 feb. 2023

The Symphonic Touch Of Benny Andersson at the festival Music In The Garden in Uppsala.

World Premiere at Artipelag

28 feb. 2023

The sold-out world premiere of the concert version of the newly released music took place on April 28th at Artipelag in their 1,200 square meter Artbox.

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