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Bruch Violin Concerto: Adagio

Christian Svarfvar • London Philharmonic Orchestra • Conductor Joana Carneiro

A virtuosic violin composition, hailed by Bruch as one of his finest creations.

"It stands among my best works," proudly declared the composer.

In this instance, we grant Max Bruch a moment of self-praise as he introduces his showpiece for the violin, characterized by robust orchestral textures providing a foundation for the single-movement composition. The violin, in turn, gracefully ascends above or descends below these textures, creating a mesmerizing sonic tapestry. Noteworthy is the captivating use of plucked string chords, a technique echoed later in his 1891 composition, the Scottish Fantasy.

The thematic similarities between this piece and Bruch's Third Violin Concerto have sparked speculation about the Adagio Appassionata possibly intended as the concerto's third movement. However, this assertion is likely unfounded.

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