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Christian Svarfvar svensk violinist



Christian Svarfvar, Infinite Bach, Bach Recomposed


For those unfamiliar, ”Infinite Bach" represents the reimagining of J.S. Bach's four violin concertos, recomposed by the Swedish composer Johan Ullén. This venture involved an intricate process of reworking the original scores, infusing them with elements reminiscent of film music, a pop aesthetic, and minimalism, all while maintaining a firm foundation in Bach's timeless compositions.


These melodies have been looped, twisted, and harmonized, with layers of musical complexity added and stripped away. 


We all cherish those fleeting, cherished moments within lengthy classical compositions. Whether it's the poignant aria of the Wood-Dove in Schoenberg's "Gurrelieder" or the tenor's heart-wrenching performance of "E lucevan le stelle" in Puccini's "Tosca," we each have our favorite moments.


These moments, though brief, are profoundly beautiful, yet they pass swiftly within the flow of the music. What if you could linger a little longer, savoring the magic of that singular moment? This was the ultimate aspiration behind the creation of "Infinite Bach."


In January, Svarfvar and Ullén joined forces to record ”Infinite Bach" with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2. 


Johan Ullén, in addition to composing the work, contributed his artistry on the cembalo during the recording sessions. Conversely, Christian assumed the conductor's role while enhancing the composition with his captivating solo violin performance.


The album, accompanied by four music videos, was unveiled to the world on November 19, 2021.


Stay attuned to this inspiring project as it continues to captivate audiences and bring the timeless beauty of Bach's music to new horizons.


Christian Svarfvar, Violin


Benny Andersson is a name that most people connect with the iconic Swedish supergroup ABBA. However, last spring, the London Philharmonic Orchestra teamed up with Swedish violin soloist Christian Svarfvar to unveil their curated collection of Benny Andersson's most beloved compositions.


The symphony orchestra's repertoire includes selections from ABBA, BAO, the musical Chess, and Kristina from Duvemåla, in what is a pioneering international initiative by the Swedish arranger and conductor Anders Berglund.

The album, titled "The Symphonic Touch of Benny Andersson," was recorded with a full orchestral setting in London and contains twelve instrumental recordings. It was released worldwide on April 14, 2023.


The inaugural single was revealed on March 10th. It showcased Christian's rendition of ABBA's "Money Money Money" from 1976, accompanied by The London Philharmonic Orchestra. Anders Berglund, the conductor, arranger, and executive producer of the album, expressed his immense pride in this distinctive project and the collaboration it entailed.

Benny Andersson started as a keyboard player and composer in a Swedish rock band in the sixties. He met Björn Ulvaeus in 1966, and together, they developed their creative enterprise, leading to the formation of ABBA. With Benny's music, Björn's lyrics, and the girls' voices, ABBA's success was unparalleled. Since then, Benny has explored and developed his composing skills through musicals, music for film and theatre, folk music, and more.

Berglund's thoughtful arrangements, Christian Svarfvar's virtuosity, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra's aptitude aim to shed new light on Benny Andersson's music.

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